Ian Rickard's Academic Homepage

— Research:

Relighting Dome
A 91-vertex geodessic dome with individually controllable 50-watt halogen lamps at each vertex.

Wii Remote Stuff
Wii Remote projects: MacOS Driver, Camera reverse engineering, Camera Calibration, 6DOF input device.

Game Networking
I need you to come play olschool Unreal Tournament. This page explains how and why.

— Teaching, TAing, and Other Assitance:

CS80K & CS20
Section times, Mac dual-booting info, getting a Windows license.

The Laser Cutter Page (CE188)
Laser cutter info, using SketchUp to model for it, beam alignment, etc.

— Other Stuff:

Donkey-Kong Post-It Page
I organized what's possibly the largest pixel-post-it-art installation to ever.

CyberSlug Jack-O-Lantern
Because laser cutters are a wonderful thing. Yes, it did smell interesting.

Personal Site
Photography, Panoramas, Misc. Widgetry, and other non-academic stuff.

Video Game Club Pictures
Including 8x2 16-player Halo 2 tiled-split-screen action!