Leadwerks Particle Editor Burning Ring of Fire Water Fall Particles

Founded in 2006 by game engine guru Josh Klint, Leadwerks Software prides itself on pushing the boundaries of game graphics. Leadwerks 3 is the newest iteration of the Leadwerks engines and targets high end mobile development. Built from the ground up on native code, Leadwerks 3 stresses speed and flexibility.

My contribution to Leadwerks 3 revolved around two major tasks: The particle engine and an example game “Darkness Awaits”.

The particle system editor was designed using a combination of product research, Leadwerks community feedback, and interviews I conducted with a professional technical artist who had worked on AAA level projects.

After the design phase was over, I developed the particle engine within the existing Leadwerks 3 engine codebase using C++, integrated it into the visual editor using BlitzMax, and finally tested and debugged the code until the particle system was ready for commercial use.


  • Programmer
  • Associate Producer


  • C++
  • Lua (Scripting)
  • BlitzMax (GUI & Scripting)

Skills Learned:

  • Advanced particle systems
  • Visual Studio development, testing, & debugging
  • GLSL Shaders
  • Designing tools based on feedback
  • Documentation
  • Website design and prototyping
  • Using scripts for repetitive tasks
  • Tortise SVN