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Darkness Awaits is the example game that is shipped with every copy of the Leadwerks 3 Engine. It is intended to educate users, showcase key features, and demonstrate the power and flexibility of the engine.

Upon the CEO’s behest, I took a lead role on the games development and was tasked with programming the majority of Darkness Awaits. Three of the main gameplay components were a player class with animation blending, an enemy AI that takes advantage of navmesh pathing, and a third person camera with smoothed movements and raycast obstacle avoidance.

Development took place while the LE3 engine was still in alpha, meaning that existing code and maps often had to be iterated upon. At the time this was a painful process, but it forced me to adapt and become more agile in my development practices. I constantly had to implement workarounds and use placeholders for engine features that had yet to be developed. In the end it was a wonderful project that solidified my 3D mathematics skills and strengthened my command of the Lua language.


  • Programmer


  • Lua
  • C++


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac

Skills Learned:

  • 3D mathematics and linerar algebra
  • Development using an engine in alpha
  • Simplified gameplay mechanics
  • Producing detailed bug reports
  • Readable and comprehensable coding
  • Iterating on game design
  • Working within mobile hardware constraints
  • Managing art outsourcing
  • Explaining example code to an online commmunity