NaH Games InXanadu Development Journey to the Sun characters

After having a blast developing “Journey to the Sun” Alex Lagarias, Hugh Katzenbach, and myself moved into a West Sacramento studio and formed NaH Games.

The focus of our first game “InXanadu”, is to bring to market the feel and gameplay of “Journey to the Sun” set in a zany futuristic world.

Oddly enough around the time we moved in, I landed a Leadwerks internship forcing me to take a backseat role in the development of InXanadu.

Never one to give up, I was still able to contribute in various ways such as artist recruitment, minor particle effects, and public speaking.


  • Wildcard


  • C# using Unity
  • Tortise SVN

Skills Learned:

  • Unity Engine
  • Living with the people you work with
  • Becoming involved in local nerd life