Ph.D Candidate
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of California Santa Cruz

Email: jbarajas at soe dot ucsc dot edu

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Brief Professional Description

Primary student of a collaborative project between UC Santa Cruz and AOL to evaluate display advertising and make this evaluation more feasible technically and economically since 2010. Here a related AOL Official Blog post.

Going from Data Mining and Bayesian Statistics background, to design of experiments, causality and evaluation in general. Trying to figure out the interception in the context of Online Advertising. See Publications.

3 years of Teaching assistant experience (TA) at UC Santa Cruz in Data Mining, Web Mining, Optimization, Computational Advertising (taught by yahoo! scientists Andrei Broder and Vanja Josifovski link). Regular student audience is composed of Grad students and industry engineers from the Silicon Valley.

Statistical Topic Modeling work to model topic correlations with feasible variants of LDA (with conjugate priors) jointly with Karla L Caballero and Ram Akella.

Summer intern at AT&T interactive (yellow pages) modeling user reviews with statistical topic modeling in order to improve local search under the supervision of Jimi Shanahan.

Main campus:
Engineering 2 Bldg. Room 486,
UC Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Silicon Valley Center:
Graduate Student Lab
2505 Augustine Drive, Suite 245
Santa Clara, CA 95054