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1st night camping in Torres Del Paine by the towers and a freezing lake.
Dressed as a Samurai on Japanese Morning News. Who hasn't been there?
My Grandfather's Country: Dainų šventė 2018 07 04 Ansamblių vakaras - Lithuania Song Festival
No it wasn't a dream Compucolor II really existed and now there is an emulator!
Audio from Gateway to Infinity
Sometimes I go on walkabout outside the USA. Video of me getting a lift on youtube under Trekking_Fred in Yunnan Province
Some pictures from my last trip in China in 2007.
Puerto Natales- A nice place to live in Southern Chile. Off in the distance is the Navimag ship: Puerto Eden. The ferry which brings tourists from Puerto Mont to Puerto Natales.
Me on the river boat Morochita at the low water port of Pucallpa, Peru.
Nice weather over Pucallpa zoo.
Watch out for tigers in the Amazon.
Burried more than 1000 years and these guys still look great!
Hey there are whales at Puerto Pirimades, Argentina.
When my foot was cooling off in a river this Leech came after it. That was in Tiger Leaping Gorge in Western Sichuan so that is a Chinese leech.
It would of got me except it was so clumsy. Being so clumsy I felt sorry for it and let it go
That's me in the back. That guy in the front wouldn't get out of the way. That was at Datong(maybe) 8 or so hours West of Beijing by super uncomfortable hard seat train. I think Mao designed hard seat.
An Apple ][+ implemented on an Altera DE1 Board
I modified Atari 2600 Adventure so it says created by ME in the secret DOT room. Everybody knows about the dot and the secret dot room..right??? Try it out with Stella or some other Atari2600 emulator"
YE OLDE TTL CHIPS. Discussion about 7 minutes into the podcast
Certificate of completion from MITX-6.002x Circuits and Electronics
Canvas test
Hanzi Chinese Characters