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Made a bash script to help copy my favorite KFJC radio show

Pss Pss don't tell anybody. Seems more than two weeks of archive files available +/- 6 months?... DOOooh! Somebody must of told them now only goes back 3ish weeks

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The link to the right requires downloading until I figure out how to click and play a google drive link

Digitized audio cassettes. They mostly come from early to mid 1980's KFJC 89.7FM Gateway to Infinity show... Mostly
Using Sony Reel to Reel
10A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 001223_0016_I_10_A_840127_ALL_ElE_GOOD.mp3 Recorded slow. Replaced 1.5uF 300VAC motor driver cap so need to rerecord
10B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 001223_0017_I_10_B_840127_All_ElE_GOOD.mp3 Recorded Slow
11A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160829_0022_I_11_A_KFJC5.mp3 Recorded fast - Need to rerecord since changed motor cap
11B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160829_0022_I_11_B_KMET_94_7_ED_ZEIL_PANAM.mp3 Recorded fast
12A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160829_0023_I_12_A_SomeGood_MoonMachine.mp3 New CAP from HALTED 1.5uf 600VAC
12B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160829_0024_I_12_B_ThistleAS_CelticGood.mp3 Correct Speed
13A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160830_0025_I_13_A_851124_LaundryStation_Good_Shreeve_Iplus3.mp3
13B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160830_0026_I_13_B_GatewayContinuedOneThirdOfTape_NextBoring.mp3
14A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160830_0027_I_14_A_richChannel_JuliaChandra_leftrecords.mp3
14B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160831_0028_I_14_B_bothKFJC_firsthalf.mp3
15A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160831_0029_I_15_A_SailingToMarbela_Spliff.mp3
15B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160831_0030_I_15_B_CianniDeuter_Spliff.mp3
16A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160831_0031_I_16_A_ThistleAndShamrockNAmerica.mp3
16B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160831_0032_I_16_B_Flight.mp3
16B2 [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160831_0033_I_16_B2_Flight_LoVolumeCopy.mp3
17A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160901_0034_I_17_A_198506_JuliaSchandra_iplus4.mp3
17B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160901_0035_I_17_B.mp3
18A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160902_I_18_A_KFJC_Gateway_HostDerrick.mp3
18B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160902_0037_I_18_B_TwoThistleAS_StartOfBayAreaBlueGrass.mp3
19A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160908_0038_I_19_A_LeftNotConnected_BadQuality.mp3
19A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160908_0038_I_19_A_LeftNotConnected_BadQuality.mp3
20A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160910_0040_I_20_A_JUNK_KFJC_842711_DJDerick_75min.mp3
20B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160910_0041_I_20_B_ThistleAS_13min_KFJC_70min.mp3
21A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160910_0042_I_21_A_KFJC_over_iplus11.mp3
21B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160910_0044_I_21_B_BillNelson_iplus11.mp3
Started Using Ampex Reel to Reel. Sounds Crsiper
22A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160928_I_22_A_DrDemento1993maybe_infiniti5_Ampex1_7_8in.mp3
22B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160928_0056_I_22_B_KFJC8_25thanniv_1984_infinti5_halfofreal_playfast_Ampex7_7_8in.mp3
23A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160929_0058_I_23_A_SpanishGuyMichaelGarrison_BootlegRadioSpot_ElModernLaundryMatt_1985.mp3
23B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160929_0059_I_23_B_SpanishGuy89.7Madrid.mp3
24A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 161003_0060_I_24_A_MostlyThistle_EndsWithGateway.mp3
25A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 161003_0062_I_25_A_SomeOK_EL_AGE.mp3
25B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 161004_0063_I_25_B_OK_EndsWithTapeFrictionProblem.mp3
26A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 161208_0065_I_26_A_KFJC1_1984_Ends_Romans.mp3
26B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 161208_0066_I_26_B_Mostly_JoeCocker.mp3
27A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 170126_0067_I_27_A_1985_OK_EndsWithSpliff.mp3
27B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 170126_0068_I_27_B_RecordSwap_OtherDJ.mp3
28A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 170815_0081_I_28_A_1st_half_Thistle.mp3 Side B of tape had Some Beethoven Symphony.
28A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 170815_0080_I_28_A_2nd_half_infinity_plus_Spliff.mp3
29A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 180724_0088_I_29_A_I2_Good_Splif_InfintySpeedChanges.mp3
29B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 180724_0089_I_29_B_I2_WanPirannaDJinMotor_BALaundryMat.mp3
30A 200913_0130_I_30A_not10_1985.mp3
30B 200913_0129_I_30B_not10_1985.mp3
31A 200917_0134_KFJC_31A_CeltiaAndBeyond.mp3 Billy Connolly - Father Got a Brand New Bagpipe
31B 200917_0135_KFJC_31B_EngComedy_Spliff_19931128.mp3
32A 200918_0136_I_32A_LaundraLand.mp3
32B 200918_0137_I_32B_ClusterEtAl.mp3
33A 200928_0141_Thistle_I_33A_CelticHarp
33B 200919_0140_I_33B_All_Ele_OK
34AnoB 201009_0144_KFJC6_JUNK_I_34AnoB
35A 201009_0146_I_35A_Assassin
35B 201009_0149_I_35B_2ndHalfBayAreaBlueGrass
36B 201016_0154_I_36B_1and7_8_speedup
36A 201215_0155_I_36A_1and7_8_endsMikeOldfield_speedup
37A 201217_0157_I_37A_GW2I_Celtic_BayAreaBlueGrass
37B 201217_0158_I_37B_Good_GW2I
38A 201230_0160_I_38A_MichealHedgesInterview_CoinOpLaundryLowestRating
38B 210111_0164_I_38B_1986_EleSeveralGood

:-( Sorry to learn Sir Winston Churchill has past away. Digitized Reel to Reel tapes from friends of Palo Alto Library :-(
10 [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160912_0045_FOPAL_10_FirstHalfTalkAboutChurchill_SecondHalfFuneralBegins.mp3
11 [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160912_0046_FOPAL_11_StPaulsCeremonyHasConcluded_GoingToWaterlooStation.mp3
?? [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160913_0047_ThisCutFromChurchhillFuneralReflectedSomeCurrent2016Topics.mp3
?? [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160913_0048_NotFuneral_CronkiteTalksHistoryOfChurchill_EndSirWChurchill0thTalkingToHOC.mp3
?? [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 160913_0049_NotFuneral_TalkingAboutSWChurchillAfterHisDeathAt90
13A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 170810_0071_FOPAL_13A_Churchill_III_FuneralChurchill.mp3
13B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 170810_0072_FOPAL_13B_Churchill_III_FuneralChurchill.mp3

**** Friends of Palo Alto Library (FOPAL) Box of Reel to Reel tapes ****
12A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 170202_0069_FOPAL_12A_KGO_SF_NBC_MonitorSelectionsFeb29_1964
12B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 170203_0070_FOPAL_12B_MonitorSelectionsFeb29_1964_MusicianInterview_AlaskaEarthquakeMarch28_1964
Side A FOPAL_14 Friends of Palo Alto Library Tape
14A1 [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 170814_0073_FOPAL_14A1_NomOfPresJohnsonAndHHumpreyAug26_1964
Tascan Digitzer's batteries ran down so put in some other ones and continuing on the same side(A) of the tape.
14A2 [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 170814_0074_FOPAL_14A2
Side B
14B1 [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 170814_0075_FOPAL_14B1_NomOfPresJohnsonAndHH_Aug27_1964
---- Recharable Batteries I put in ran down again. Continuing from middle of tape.
14B2 [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 170814_0076_FOPAL_14B2
15A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 180123_0082_FOPAL_15A_KSFO_DonSherwood19690605.mp3
15B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 180124_0083_FOPAL_15B_CigaretteJoke_SomeTooLoud.mp3
15C [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 180124_0084_FOPAL_15C_KirinBeer_JudyGarlandDeath19690623.mp3 FOPAL_15 Back Cover FOPAL_15 Front Cover
16A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 180726_0092_FOPAL_16A_MonitorSelections_2ndRussianSatellite_19571103.mp3
16B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 180727_0093_FOPAL_16B_MonitorSelections_USA_ScienceEducation.mp3
17A [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 180729_0095_FOPAL_17A_DEATH_POPE_JOHN_XXIII.mp3
17B [[[ Google Audio Player ]]] 180729_0096_FOPAL_17B_JOHN_XXIII_BDayDinner_JB_SH_AW.mp3