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Installing Cygwin on Windows 2000/XP

Installing and using Perl (CPAN) modules from a user directory

Converting DVD Audio to CD Audio (Mac OS X)

Installing matplotlib on Fink (Mac OS X 10.3)

ucthesis.cls (for UCSC): A newer LaTeX class file replacing ucthesis.cls for UCSC dissertations and theses

diss-paper-sizes.pdf (for UCSC): page to test your printer registration.

Tom Turnbull

Huron Camera used to stock Nikon Coolpix 950 parts For example, the Neck Strap Holder 636-053-9556 (battery compartment), $20; Battery Cover 636-054-4482 $36. These parts have small plastic tabs that break easily.

Sony MDR-IF120 (Infrared Wireless Headphone MDR IF 120) replacement foam ear pad/cushions: use Radio Shack Part number 33-379 for a perfect fit.