Research Resources on the Web and at UCSC


Google Scholar
Peer-reviewed articles and other research materials.

Papers and citations. Sometimes a good way to get a paper. It is incomplete and the quality of bibliographic (bibtex) entries varies widely.

Like Google, but for scientific papers. I've only used it a few times.

IEEE Xplore (digital library)
IEEE library of conference proceedings and journal papers. From campus machines you can download most IEEE articles. The "sluglink" proxy will let you download papers from off-campus (see below).

ACM Digital Library
ACM library. Similar access policies as IEEE, including sluglink. Bookshelves let you keep track of topics over time.

SlugLink: UCSC Library proxy server
Enables access to a number of digital libraries. (Just remember to disable it when you're done otherwise all your web traffic goes through the proxy, even if you're off campus) The library has links and passwords on its site to a number of web resources, for instance USENIX.

O'Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf
Some of the O'Reilly technical books are available in electronic form from campus machines.

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