I graduated in March 1999 with a Masters of Science in Computer Science from the Baskin Center for Engineering at the University of California Santa Cruz.  My advisor was Charlie McDowell.  You can read my thesis on adding a display system to the Java Nanokernal system of the Embedded Systems lab.( you will need Adobe Acrobat.)   I currently work for Dakota Ultrasonics in Santa Cruz, California.  I wrote the Torque Tension Calculator and also develop ultrasonic devices for measuring bolts.  I'm also teaching Introduction to Programming in Java at Cabrillo College.You can get a current (well pretty out of date)  resume (also inAdobe Acrobat)here.  Current goals include, learning much more about FreeBSD, and spending some time surfing!  I keep a family home page at Cruzio.  One fun thing I did at school was to write an insult machine - so far it seems unique on the web.  thanks for stopping by!

email: wholt@alumni.cse.ucsc.edu
phone: 831-431-9722
fax:   831-431-9723




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