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1. What is SPICE?

SPICE stands for Simulation Program Integrated Circuits Especially. It is a program that specializes in analyzing electronic circuits. The original SPICE was developed in University of California, Berkeley.

2.What are the current available SPICE versions?

Starting from the original "Berkeley SPICE", SPICE has developed several generations and has a lot of versions based on the basic SPICE engine with different functions user interfaces now. Here I will give a short list of different versions of "SPICE" and their availability.

A more detailed introduction of these simulators can be found here.

3.Some useful links about SPICE.

Here are some other useful websites for SPICE users:
  • Berkeley SPICE Guide

  • SPICE beginner's tutorial
  • SPICE3f5 online manual
  • The Designer's Guide
  • Berkeley SPICE Modeling

  • If you are interested, you can check out:

    Comparison of different RF (microwave) Capable SPICE Simulators

    Hints for using SpectreRF in phase noise simulation