Zhuo Wang




About Me

I am a second-year master student in the Department of Computer Engineering at UCSC. I got two bachelor degrees from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Queen Mary University of London. My research interests are mainly in RFID, software development, data mining, wireless network and I will do some research on RFID during my grad school.

And you could find my resume here: resume link


I have lots of interests such like movie, travel, drama, country music, but my biggest hobby is Soccer. I am the crazy fan of a football club from England called Manchester United.


Web-crawler and D3.js Visualization

Building a dynamic visualization for salary data and house price data to help new grad evaluate their house purchases plan with Scipy, jQuery and D3.js

Wireless Mesh Network

Design and implement the node status control protocol module, which is the main control module in the mesh network protocol sub-system

Sensing earth observation and scene classification of surface features

Assisting researcher to determine the typical target chip extraction knowledge base and conduct research on universal decision-making methods of surface features classification

Wireless Sensor Networks Topology Evolution based on Scale-Free Network Model

Solving the deficient performance problem on fault tolerance and energy efficiency of the traditional wireless sensor network topology evolution models by introduce scale-free network model


No papers published yet.

Papers relate to my area(s) of research: paper1  paper2