Welcome to Scott Banachowski's web page

Scott Banachowski, Ph.D.
Computer Science Department
University of California, Santa Cruz

I am now working on better systems for web searching.

I recently received a doctorate in Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz. My areas of interest include real-time systems, storage systems, and anything to do with operating systems. My dissertation is on using CPU scheduling algorithms to support time-sharing in an integrated real-time system. My adviser is Prof. Scott Brandt, and I collaborate with the members of the Computer Systems Laboratory (now called SSRC).

Here's a page of my papers, etc.

If this page makes you feel confused, please click here.

I am currently a co-moderator of the USENET newsgroup comp.os.research, along with Zachary. Unlike Zach, Scott prefers to describe himself in the first person.

Contact info:
sbanacho at cse dot ucsc dot edu