Master of Science in Computer Science

University of California, Santa Cruz

I am mostly interested in Machine Learning, Data Mining and Natural Language Processing. I completed my master thesis on natural language generation using deep learning. Currently I am working on neural sequence to sequence models with attetion, in order to produce utterances that have the variations of the human language.

I expect to graduate Fall 2017.


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics of Computation

University of California, Los Angeles

I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics of Computation at UCLA from 2012-2016.

Member of the Undergraduate Student Math Association since 2014.


Deep Learning Research for Natural Language Processing

Natural Language and Dialogue Systems Lab

Part of the research team, under Professor Marilyn Walker, that explores sequence to sequence neural models in natural language generation. Frameworks: TensorFlow, Pandas, Scikit-learn, NumPy


Machine Learning Intern

Quality and Reliability, Athens, Greece

Participated in the development of the project “A study of the opinion and suggestions of the citizens through the collection, analysis and depiction of data from on line data sources” conducted for the needs of Municipalities. Performed sentiment analysis using neural networks.


Contact Information

Contact me if you are interested in working with me


Natural Language and Dialogue Systems Lab, UCSC


You can reach me at: pkaragia at ucsc dot edu


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