I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at MD Anderson Cancer Center and Rice University under Michele Guindani and Marina Vannucci, working on the development of innovative statistical methods and tools for the analysis of highly dimensional datasets, with domain of applications ranging from genomics to neuroscience. I completed my PhD in September 2011 in Statistics and Stochastic Modeling working with Athanasios Kottas. My dissertation developed a framework for Bayesian analysis of dose-response studies through dependent nonparametric modeling for categorical responses. I received my bachelors and masters degrees from Brigham Young University, where my masters research included the investigation of Bayesian approaches for the analysis of microarray data under the supervision of Natalie Blades.

Research Interests: Bayesian nonparametrics, multivariate ordinal regression, analysis of dose-response studies, toxicology and nanomedical data, population dynamics modeling, principle and independent component analysis.

Publications and Works in Progress:
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