Stuff you can Get from Me

Most of my recent work is top secret (shh...), but here are some work I did in grad school which may be of passing interest.

Old research projects

FPMCM Research

The basic idea was to use MCMs to make Really Big FPGAs.  Check out the UCSC FPMCM Project Home Page for more details on my FPMCM research.

Surf's Flow Package Router

The basic idea here was to design a router that could automatically route packages where the netlist was not well defined. The package routing research was made part of SURF , UCSC's rubberband routing system for multi-chip modules. Marco Yu has far surpassed my efforts in this field.

Selected On-line Publications
(See my resume for the complete list)
  • My PhD Dissertation: Cost Effective Architecture of Field Programmable Multi-chip Modules,  Univeristy of California at Santa Cruz, 1997.

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