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Wuyuan Chen, Bachelor of Science Degree, Computer Engineering

Master's of Science Degree, Computer Engineering, Expected Grautation: June 2018

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Soil Moisture Sensor:

Design a soil moisture sensor device using the FDC2214 chip and co-planer metal plates. This chip is connected to a PureModule which contains a nRF52 micro-controller. The micro controller will use Bluetooth Low Energy to send packets to a connected smartphone for user to examing soil moisture data. For more information click here.

Track Wire & Beacon Detector:

Designed a 6th order Chebyshev high pass and low pass filter and cascaded them together to form a band pass filter. This filter is used to reject anything equal or below 1.5kHz, 2.5kHz, and receive a 2kHz signal. Our team was successfully built the circuit to also be able to reject and receive these signals from 7 feet away. For more information click here.

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