Hainan Wang

Master, Computer Science

University of California, Santa Cruz

Email: hwang207@ucsc.edu

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Academic Interests

My academic interests are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. During my graduate study, I will focus on the application of machine learning in the field of social networks and finance.

Papers & Projects


Wang, H., Liu, H., and Zhang, X.(2016). Development Trend of Support Vector Machine and Applications on the Field of Computer Science. International Conference on Computer Engineering, Information Science& Application Technology(ICCIA), 2016, (56), 46-55.


Application of Support Vector Machine in Stock Price Forecast

• Reviewed current researches of stock price forecast and support vector machine

• Studied theories of machine learning including statistiacal learning theory, support vector machine, support vector regression, and optimization algorithm

• Established stock price regression forecast models by using support vector regression algorithm, and optimized feature selection by using Python and MATLAB

Development Trend of Support Vector Machine and Applications on the Field of Computer Science

• Demonstrated the advantage of support vector machine (SVM), summarized current SVM research directions and some novel SVMs, such as twin support vector machine and ranking support vector machine

• Analyzed the feasibilities of the combination of traditional SVMs and other disciplines, and also briefly compared the advantages and disadvantages of those combinations in real situations


In my spare time, I love hiking and playing sports like badminton. I also love music. I think people can do research more efficiently when they take exercise regularly.