Graduate Student, Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science Department
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Vhal Dhimant Purohit received his Bachelors in Engineering from L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad in 2019. Currently, he's at UC Santa Cruz as a Masters student in the Computer Science and Engineering department.
He is the only zebra to have ever been part of a COLT conference.

Research Interests

Vhal's research interests include Machine Learning, Bioinformatics and Genomics.
He also likes to explore how far he can push a joke.

Research Papers of interest to Vhal

Dynamic Routing Between Capsules : An alternative to CNNs

Neural Arithmetic Logical Units : Work similar to RNNs, but generalize extremely well, can work on data outside the training set, unlike most other networks

Hobbies and Interests

Neighing, Braying, Barking and Grazing
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