About myself and why would you care:

I came from Belgrade , Former Yugoslavia on a student exchange program in 1987. Since then I graduated in CS and German from Mills College in Oakland, California. For a couple of years I was a worker-bee at Oracle, which gave me the inspiration to go back to school. I spent a few fine years here at UCSC getting a PhD in Graphics while working on projects such as the REINAS and Slug. After working a few months in the "real world" I have been persuaded once again that academia is the way to go. As a result was teaching Intro to Computer Graphics last spring, and have taken up a post-doc at UCSC.
I'm the proud momma of Lea and Nicolas. Are they cute or what ?
Also, I have a brother who's looking for a job. Here is his resume in english and german.

If you can read serbian, here is a whole collection of JOKES. I'd try to translate them, except they're too ethnically-specific for non-balkan people to understand. Then again, budging to popular demand, here's a few of them in poor translation.

These are a few of my favorite things:

Radio: KQED 88.5 , UCSC's KZSC on 88.1
Films:Until the End of the World, by Wim Wenders
Books: Love those Russians
Music: acid-jazz , latin and more...

The things I like to do on my free time:

The things I like to daydream about:
  • Going home to Belgrade...unless you are from there, you probably wouldn't understand, so maybe these pictures others collected may help some: postcards and downloadable stuff.
  • The things I like to present at conferences:

  • Web Visualization of Environmental Data
  • Visualization Tools for Data Assimilation
  • Visualizing Gridded Datasets with Large Number of Missing Values

  • (voted "Best Case-Study" at Vis'99)

    Miscelaneous projects:
  • Memorial page for my mom
  • Searching for the meaning of life in quotes
  • Searching for the meaning of life in poetry
  • My VRML-ized face

  • contact: Suzana Djurcilov (suzana@cse.ucsc.edu)