The front of our house in spring of 1998.  Spring was lousy this year, but occasionally there were a few nice days. 
We live in a very friendly neighborhood.  Neighbors are great and Nicholas and Sandra have found several play friends.
Our back yard had only a lawn when we first moved in. It didn't take long for Nicholas to fill it up with all his play things. Here he is looking out from his and Sandra's house---this is where we ask them to go when we no longer can put up with them inside our house. 
Sandra adores her big brother, but occasionally Nicholas can be a little rough. He does however like to play exactly the same games as Sandra, who never gets a chance to do anything by herself if it looks like a lot of fun. 
When it's time to exercise, we live close to a small park. We even have a swimming pool just down the road from where we live. Both Sandra and Nicholas enjoy the water, and will soon join the swim team J