Jonathan V. Soriano
San Bruno, CA 94066
(650) 776-3052


A resourceful and accomplished Application Developer involved with the development and support of several mission critical applications. Over 4 years of experience in the Technology Sector with 3 years in Information Technology and a year in QA with wireless network products. Former employers include: The Clorox Corporation, CyberSource, and Metricom. Education also includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.


Enterprise Systems / Engineering

Communication / Presentation Global IT Support
Change Management Troubleshooting / Debugging IT Business Processes Development
Data Modeling Technical Writing / Documenting Client Representation


Scripting, Languages, Modules, & Frameworks:
* JSP & Servlets * Java * JavaScript * Jakarta Struts
* VBScript (ASP) * Enterprise Java Beans * JDBC * C/C++
* SybPerl * Perl * Pascal * Unix Shell Scripting
IDEs & Development Tools:
* Visual Studio * Ant * Visual C++ * Visual Basic
* MS FrontPage * DreamWeaver * JBuilder * Interwoven Teamsite
* Oracle 7.3, 8.0 * Sybase 11 * SQL Server * MySQL
Operating Systems:
* Windows 98/NT/2000 * UNIX (Solaris 2.6) * Red Hat Linux 7.3 * DOS
Enterprise Software:
* IIS 5.0 * NetScape SuiteSpot * Apache * BEA WebLogic 7
* Ariba Buyer 7.0 * JBoss * LDAP * Netegrity Siteminder 3.0

University of California, Santa Cruz
B.S. Computer Engineering, June 1998
Golden Gate University, San Francisco
Oracle 8 Administration, Spring 1999
Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4, June 2004

Data Center Technician, ServePath, (5/03 – Present).
* Assist in the responsibility for day-to-day management of a 24x7 datacenter focused on dedicated server hosting and server co-location:
-Present timely reports on datacenter status.
-Monitor and maintain integrity and availability of various networks and dedicated servers.
-Provide first line of support and troubleshoot for servers and equipment that go offline at the remote facility across town.
-Actively monitor and complete requests for cancellations or new services such as:  Backup services, new or additional IP request, and Remote Power Cycling.

* Install, troubleshoot, repair, and maintain all network equipment and servers in production.
-Aid in the build process for servers to be deployed to ensure requirements are addressed and fulfilled in the appropriate timeframe.
-Coordinate with hardware suppliers on purchases, custom server builds, and maintenance of all equipment.
-Rack-mount and provide connectivity to sensitive high-end equipment.

* Proactively assist in the building of the entire datacenter infrastructure as the company continues to grow and expand.
-Participated in the initial design and layout in order to maximize total usage of floor space.
-Build out certain requirements as labeled out in the design.
Software Engineer, CyberSource Corp, (11/00 – 07/01).
* Responsible for enhancing and fixing bugs on CyberSource’s proprietary Internet Commerce Server (transactional system). Duties include:
-Redesigning specific areas of the payment application in order to incorporate changes in the business process.
-Rewriting Java classes and interfaces and developing client test code in order to test new changes.

* Involved in building a billing/credit batch system that interacts with an external payment processor. Responsibilities range from:
-Performing a system analysis of compatibilities/gaps between CyberSource’s systems and a payment processor.
-Facilitating and engineering a generic building process for a batch system, and documenting and communicating work to remote groups around the world.

* Maintain and support functionality with PERL for an interactive web based customer support application.
-Rewrite or create new PERL modules to query data from a Sybase database. Query results were presented by Apache through an HTML page.

* Oversee all EJB application assembler and deployment duties during code release for CyberSource’s Alternate Payment Systems running WebLogic. Job functions also include:
-Devising the initial process for deploying EJB’s from staging to production environments.
-Responsible for configuring and acting as an interim admin for the WebLogic application server in the development environment.
-Construct new EJB”s in Java to model up a prototype for new projects.
IS Analyst (Internet Application Developer), Clorox Services Company, (6/99 – 11/00).
* Collaborated in cross-functional projects to leverage web-based technologies for several internal business groups. Projects involved participating on the development and integration of an e-procurement system (Ariba Buyer 7.0) and aide in the implementation of a web content management system (Interwoven Teamsite 3.0).
-Authored several templating scripts for Teamsite 3.0 with PERL.

* Formulate technical direction, standards, and guidelines for departmental groups wishing to participate in their own internal web development.

* Acted as a technical liaison for various marketing groups on external web sites that are developed by ad agencies. Duties included:
-Perform code reviews on CGI-scripts written by external web developers to ensure Clorox’s current standards and security requirements are met for web development.
-Rewrite or create new scripts that would ensure data was captured correctly in order for it to be formatted properly and imported to an external Consumer Response Management System.
-Provided a last level of support for any mission critical web applications.

* Researched and developed web access methods to a CICS Transactions Server.
-Constructed a prototype server to view order entry data through a browser. Data was retrieved from a CICS Server using EJB and COM. Results were then displayed on the web with VBScript (ASP), HTML, and JavaScript.
-Developed a web-application process with PERL to query an LDAP directory in order to authorize access with a security portal management tool (Netegrity Siteminder 3.0).
Software Test, Metricom Inc, (12/96 – 4/98).
* Devised and authored several test plans for new wireless WAN products.
* Wrote network test scripts in PERL and PROCOMM.
* Designed and developed network configurations for various projects and tests.
* Administered test procedures to ensure compatibility with marketing specifications.
* Worked closely with developers and engineers on the development of wireless prototypes.
* Trained and advised employees on developing accurate test results and efficient measurements.