Yes, as you can tell from the address, I was a student! More over, a student in Computer Engineering at UCSC. Even better, I was a graduate student under Prof. F. Joel Ferguson in the SCTest group. That group deals with VLSI testing, to put it bluntly.

I have been out of school for many years after graduation with a Masters in Computer Engineering. Since that time I have been working on testing at Intel Corporation.

Before I became a graduate student, I was a lowly undergrad here and worked under Prof. Ferguson as a Carafe developer. Carafe is a VLSI layout tool for extracting possible faults. You can read about Carafe, or just browse through the manual (well maybe not browse, it is over 100 pages long). Carafe itself accounts for over 75,000 lines of C code.

Here are the classes that I have taken, if you are so inclined.

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