Ruimin Wang =========== <> ![my photo](pic.jpg) ## About Ruimin is a Master student in computer science department of University of Califoria, Santa Cruz. I received my Bachelor's degree from Wuhan University. I'm interested in many areas in computer science, and especially machine learning and natural language processing. ## Experiences * 2016 - now | MS in computer science at UC Santa Cruz * 2012 - 2016 | BS in Software Engineering at Whuhan University * 2015 - 2016 | undergrad researcher at NLP lab of Wuhan University * 2015 | Summer intern as fullstack developer at Digital City Co. Ltd. in Chengdu ## Publications Ren, Yafeng, Ruimin Wang, and Donghong Ji. "A topic-enhanced word embedding for Twitter sentiment classification." Information Sciences 369 (2016): 188-198. Wang, Zelin, Zhijian Wu, Ruimin Wang, and Yafeng Ren. "Twitter Sarcasm Detection Exploiting a Context-Based Model." In International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering, pp. 77-91. Springer International Publishing, 2015. ## Resume [Resume.pdf](Resume.pdf) ## Beyound Academic I`m a fan of strategy games and puzzle-sloving games, including board-games, chess, other real-world games and computer games. ************** powered by [strapdown.js](