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Top Quotes: (& other quotes) Apple employees speak out.
"Both Business Week and the Wall Street Journal will lose market share to online publications made possible by the Mac. The predicitons of Apple's demise are merely the wishful thinking of a justly endangered species"

"To see tomorrow's PC, look at today's Macintosh."
--BYTE Magazine, October 1995, Copyright 1995 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc..
Learn the facts about Windows 95 and read about a Windows magazine editor who saw the light. Get the MacFacts dude!!

Stuff about me:
Who Am I? / My brother and his family have a web page too!
Check out my contribution to the 24 Hours of Democrary project.
Visit my Civil Liberties and Internet Freedom Page.
My High School and Jr. High are on the web!
Some of my work:
My master's degree thesis (Also available in PostScript).
Simlab, an interactive simulation environment and mathematical modeling tool.
Metrowerks PowerPlant class libraries (Now published by Celestin on their Apprentice CD).
Web pages I maintain:
Alpha Phi Omega, National Convention, Region X, and Section 4 pages
Oljato Staff Page
Other cool stuff:
Latest U.S. weather and Bay Area earthquake information.
Maps for anywhere!

Computer industry magazines:

MacinStuff Mac Net Journal MacTech Magazine MacUser MacWeek MacWorld

Computer Shopper Inter@ctive Week PC Week PowerPC News

Fun and silly stuff:

The Comic Strip Dilbert Doctor Fun Hey, Stuff This Even More Comics

The Quote Page...

Professional organizations:

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Association of Independent Macintosh Engineers and Developers

Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI) BayCHI

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility The Internet Society

Some of the people I associate with who are also geeky enough to have their own web page:

David Cohen Mike Coleman Lisa Covi Aaron Culich Miles "Horndog" Elam

Bella Fong Gil Fuchs Guy FullertonRon Gross Eric Haugen Tim Hom

Karly "Dixie" Jennings Adam Katz Satyen Kothari Eric Lipton Rick Mann Tony Ploughe

Bruce Romney Kelley Schmidt Nick Stefanisko Matthew Troth

Meet my fellow interns from summer '95.

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