Mike O'Neil

Hello. I graduated in June 1997 from UC Santa Cruz
with a B.S. degree in computer science.
If you need to get a hold of me, you can email me
here: moneil74@hotmail.com
Here's my resume, in case you care: resume

Here's a link to another site with more pics.

Recent events:

Very cheesy/touristy picture, but it's the most recent one I have:

All dressed up with plenty of places to go: friends' wedding in Las Vegas:

Hangin' on halloween with an amigo and Peg Bundy:

T-minus 6 hours 'till the end of the world: having a cold one, New Year's Eve, San Felipe:

Having fun on vacation with my cheerful friends:


Mmmmmmmmmmmm... paste.

Since graduating I've been bumming around the bay area
programming video games for a living. I started off
at Electronic Arts as an intern in the EA Academy.
While there I worked on March Madness '98, Road Rash 3D (for only about
a month and a half, tho), March Madness '99, and recently finished
Knockout Kings 2000, all for the Sony Playstation.
I recently realized a lifestyle change was in order so I decided
to work with those smelly haight street punx over
at blam Video Game Development . I'm not sure how top secret
the project I'm working on there is so I'll err on the side of caution
and only tell you the game is for the Playstation and I'm working on the AI.
I WILL tell you that we're looking for good programmers so drop me a line if
you're interested (see email address above).
Here's some examples of my graphics work I've done for class (for those interested in my college work).

Most of my friends no longer have their web pages, so here's what's left of my links:
Darren Mutz, a real life rocket scientist.
Andy Breitenbach, who owns a Star Wars Pez dispenser display.
My former manager at EA (and a hardcore lego freak), Steve Coallier.
Sean Manseau ?????.