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Biomolecular Engineering

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About me:
I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and recevied my undergraduate degree here at UCSC. Now, I am a first year graduate student in the Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics Track at UCSC.

My research areas are single cell manipulation and nanotechnology.
I use nanopipettes (nanopore diameter ~50nm) to deliver molecules inside of single cells and to aspirate
intracellular content from within the cell using an applied voltage.

Link to my CV: Michelle Maalouf CV

Fall 2012 courses:
  1. BME 200: Research and Teaching in Bioinformatics
  2. BME 205: Bioinformatics: Models and Algorithms
  3. BME 280B: Seminar on Bioinformatics
  4. BME 281P: Seminar on Nanotechnology and Biosensors
  5. BME 296: Fall 2012 Lab Rotation with Dr. Jeremy Sanford! Project: Studying Localization of RNA in Pancreatic Cancer using Nanopipettes
  6. PHYE 30G: Fitness Conditioning
  7. Oh yeah, and I'm also a Teacher's Assistant for Personal Computers (CMPE 3)

Date Presentations:
October 2012 QB3 Award for Innovation, University of California, San Francisco
September 2012 Program in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering (PBSE) Annual Research Conference, Aptos, CA
June 2012 TechConnect World Conference 2012, Nanotech 2012, Santa Clara, CA
June 2012 UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium, University of California, Berkeley
June 2012 Undergraduate Poster Symposium, University of California, Santa Cruz
August 2011 Undergraduate Poster Symposium, University of California, Santa Cruz

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