Morgan Grant

Grad Student, Lab Manager

About Me

I'm a first year masters student in computer science at UCSC and lab manager at UCSC's LEEPS Lab under professor Dan Friedman. My research interests mostly lie in networking and game theory. My goals for graduate school are to do research that uses game theoretic concepts to solve networking problems. I am also interested in signal processing and would like to spend some time in grad school learning more about that field, potentially finding ways to combine it with my other interests.

The LEEPS lab is an experimental economics lab in UCSC's economics department that studies questions in behavioral economics and game theory. As LEEPS' lab manager I'm responsible for maintining all of the lab's computers, as well as organizing and assisting undergraduate programmers in writing economics experiments. During my time there, I've contributed to a number of published projects in the experimental economics field. You can see some of the projects I've contributed to on LEEPS' github.


I haven't completed any research projects or papers yet, but here are some papers I've read that are aligned with my interests:

Other Interests

In my spare time I like to collect vinyl records and listen to music. Lately I've been listening to a lot of jungle music, which is a style of electronic music based around fast, sliced up drumbeats. This inspired me to make junglechopper, a javascript application for creating jungle drumbeats. You can find the source for junglechopper here.