Visualizations of Formation Initialization Algorithms

This program allows the user to simulate and visualize some of the robot coordination algorithms from the following submitted paper

Correctness analysis and optimality bounds of multi-spacecraft formation initialization algorithms
M Schuresko and Jorge Cortés
Proceedings of the 45th IEEE Int. Conf. Decision and Control, San Diego, Califor nia, USA, 2006, submitted.

Side Note: The algorithm marked "angle optimal" is actually not the algorithm we used in the paper, but a more complicated and less optimal algorithm we developed earlier on.
"2-pass simple" is the other 3d algorithm we present in the paper.
"3-pass simple" is a variant that works for narrower field-of-view sensor cones.

Note, in order to run this, you need a copy of MFC71.dll and MRC71R.dll. See the microsoft notes on distributing these files

You can download these files here (for mfc71.dll) and here (for msvcr71.dll). I think you need to put them in the same directory as the exe, but if you are sufficiently familiar with windows to do the "registering dlls" dance, then that might work too.

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