Peak Transit Advertisement System, LLC (PTAS)

Founder and Director
April 2010 - December 2010
Founded and directed internet ad company for mass transit applications. Created long-form business plan and business proposal. Performed detailed market analysis, created strategic sales plan, analyzed costs and projected income over time.

Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG)

Water Systems Group Leader, Grant Writer, and Business Incubation Team Member
November 2008 - November 2009

Led water systems group, which analyzed status of Guatemalan water systems (potable, irrigation, rainwater management, and wastewater) and wrote report evaluating potential for AIDG-incubated business to succeed in Guatemalan water system markets. Worked with team to create business-training workshop content and evaluation tools for use as base of all AIDG’s usiness plan competitions. Assisted IT staff with software installs, network issues, automated backups, security policies, and user training. Frequently worked in Spanish.

LGS Innovations, LLC

Network System Engineer Consultant and Researcher
January 2007 - May 2008
Network research included network security protocol innovation, programming, test-bed network setup, and research paper publication. Worked with high level LGS Innovations executives and head researchers to produce annual Independent Research and Development (IR&D) Report, which details financial and project summaries of all IR&D programs. Worked with core system architecture team on multibillion-dollar SBInet network integration project. With team, created architecture products specifying communications requirements, for use by all network communications related working groups. Traced network configurations and network communications streams to analyze and recommend changes. Documented analysis and presented it in person, by phone, and by web conference. Met with specialists and groups throughout project, to gather and distribute information.

Bell Laboratories

Network Security Researcher
June 2004 - December 2006

Network security research and IETF, ITU, and ISO standards work. Job responsibilities included mixture of technical research, making presentations, documenting progress to customers, publishing research results, and authoring proposals for funding. Performed research involving virus detection, mobile ad-hoc network routing, secure multicast, static program analysis methods, serial port handling, automated web server interactions, QoS routing for wireless applications, MIMO MANET routing protocols for layers 1-3, and penetration testing. One project involved detection of viruses using static program analysis techniques and analysis of programs using reverse engineering of object code. A patent application resulted from work on that project. Authored IETF Draft standards document, and performed work implementing standards-based security according to ISO 27001, ITU X.805, and 3GPP. Founded penetration-testing group and physical testing network, within Bell Labs Internet Research Lab. Authored research papers based on project work.

Doctoral Studies

Research Assistant
Worked on Secure and Qualified Multicast Trees, a project funded by DARPA.
Teaching Assistant
Assisted upper division (Computer Networks) and lower division (Intro. to Programming) courses.
"Tree Creation and Repair for Qualified Multicast"