• Name : Jingshi Liu
  • Tel:831-226-6575
  • Email:jliu281@ucsc.edu
  • Address: 645 Heller Dr. Apt.121 GSH UCSC


Sept. 2018 - Present University of California, Santa Cruz

Master of Computer Engineering, Jack Baskin School of Engineering ( Expect graduate 2020)

Sept. 2014 - Jun. 2018 Central South University

Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering ( GPA: 85/100 )



Interested in design patterns and dedicated to optimizing software architecture-how to reduce redundancy and improve project'performance which are inconvenient to maintain . The purpose of the graduate career is to study optimization algorithms and learn architecture knowledge.


Simulated college entrance examination intention filling system

The volunteer system was developed in Java and SSH framework which effectively solved the problem that the scores and intention did not match, greatly reducing the risk of failure. This system was submitted to the provincial government as a reference for the college entrance examination intention filling.

Refactored the filtering algorithm of news information push module and improved its response speed.

Divide the news article into multiple parts, change the partial filtering strategies( classes which have no need to read the library) into asynchronous calls, and encapsulate the call of the filtering strategies in the controller. Throw all asynchronous requests, handle the synchronization request, then the controller reads the library's unique identifier, calls the corresponding filtering strategies model to parse the returned result.

A related book

Individual Interest

Like pop music and traditional Chinese drama, sometimes dancing to relax.

Be chasing the phantom in fairy tales forever.