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* Professional Activities:

> Software Engineer with international experience, interested in startups
> Profile:
Academic Credentials Business Experience
M.Sc. Computer Science (RUG) Yodlee (Nasdaq "YDLE" - 2014)
M.Sc. Computer Engineering (UC-SC) BNP Paribas (M&A)
MBA General Management (Vlerick) Denys (Document Management)


* Contact information:

Name: Kristof DECLOEDT
Belgian Address: Ruitjesbosstraat 40, B_8820 Torhout, Belgium
émail kristof_decloedt @ hotmail. com (remove spaces)
Cell: +011 32 485 23.44.05

* Thanks:

Thanks to the Belgian American Educational Foundation(BAEF) from whom I have received a fellowship to study at UCSC

Alumni School of Engineering