Jia Xu


Email: jxu7785@soe.ucsc.edu

I'm a first-year MS student in the Department of Computer Science in UC Santa Cruz.My current research interest is machine learning and data mining. Furthermore, I am also interested in MOOC research for personalization study, and have learned a lot from online education looking for the opporturnity to integrate the morden techonoloy into the future education.

A little history

B.S Physics Nanjing University China

M.S Physics Washington State University

M.S Computer Science UC Santa Cruz


The simulation of moderated positron behavior in a micro-trap with long aspect ratio, 2009 P.Folegati, J.Xu, M.H.Weber and K.G.Lynn

Positron storage in micro-traps with long aspect ratio: result of computer simulations. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 262, 2010