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Hi. I am not here. I am out doing more interesting things, like teaching.

Here at I am jmj. I still read email here, though I finished my Master's degree requirements in 2008 and have now moved on.

Food for thought (October 2006):

Significantly, those officials at the highest levels of government, who had a duty to control the activities of the intelligence community, sometimes set in motion the very forces that permitted lawlessness to occur... By demanding results without carefully limiting the means by which the results were achieved; by over-emphasizing the threats to national security without ensuring sensitivity to the rights of American citizens; and by propounding concepts such as the right of the "sovereign" to break the law, ultimate responsibility...should be placed at their door.
Book II, Final Report
of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations
with respect to Intelligence Activities,
U.S. Senate, 94th Congress, 1976 (emphasis added)