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CS 111:

  • How to use UCSC newsgroups from Off-campus.

  • A tutorial on running free Virtual Machine Monitors can be found here. Ignore the projects on that page, as it is from a previous quarter.

  • A tutorial on using Subversion can be found here.

  • An overview of processes in Minix. Thanks to Prof Valerie Chu of LeMoyne-Owne College for this overview.

  • Also take a look at an excerpt from Tanenbaum's Minix book on processes.

  • A research paper on the lottery scheduler. (Link only works from on-campus)

  • bashrc file for unix.ic CVS access
    To use this, copy the .bashrc file into your home directory, then change the CVSROOT to an empty directory in your own home directory
    Log out of and back into unix.ic
    Then, change your CVS home directory and run the following command
    cvs init
    On the machine that you are using to access the files, the following, after replacing the location of the cvs root with that of the directory you created
    At this point, CVS is set up on unix.ic, you can use directions like the ones found here to create a module.

  • To mount a floppy image on Windows XP so that you can transfer files back and forth, I recommend the Virtual Floppy Drive.

  • Makefiles: There is an example of how to use make here. Makefiles automate compiling your code (so you don't have to remember those odd cc flags)

  • Unix Research Paper. This paper is only accessible from an on-campus computer. This goes in great detail over why the inventors of UNIX made things the they that they are. Consider it highly recommended reading.

  • Kernighan and Ritchie C book:
    This book can be purchased from Amazon, or look it up on froogle.

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