Jeff Hagen

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This page contains software I have worked on that are released. All software releases are under GPL license unless otherwise noted.

Asteriks: Ye-olde video game. It's like asteroids, except with shields. This is written in C, using my own custom graphics library. A self extracting rar file with only the executables is here. Full source and game libraries are here. I'm not updating this ever. Runs on Windows mostly.

LOSQ (Lots of silly quotation marks): This is a fun little programming language. It has no libraries, and no documentation. It is probably touring complete. In this language, all constructs are strings. There are no integers. Source code is here. Requires Python 2.4+ and dparser. This is a extremely pre-alpha release. It is probably badly broken.

Ladon A framework for peer-to-peer backup: No releases yet. Check back later.

XAP: An apache licensed implementation of an XQueryP compiler & runtime database environment. Targeted at any x86 platform using a mixture of C & assembly. This is unfortunately no longer publically released...

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