Jared Debrunner

jdebrunn at slugmail dot ucsc dot edu

CV (pdf)

I'm a first year computer science PhD student at beautiful UC Santa Cruz. I am interested in math as much as I am computer science, so I tend to combine the two subjects. I study discrete math structures, algorithms, topology and data structures. Real-time aggregators and nonparametric statistics are new interests of mine that come from my work with the Yahoo! Exceptional Performance Team.


  • Steady State Visco-Elastic Rimming Flow (Journal)
  • Intrinsically Knotted Graphs


Yahoo! Tech Intern, June 2010 - present

I work with the Exceptional Performance Team with the goal of making the web faster. We make tools and perform research to understand what factors impact page load time from the users perspective.


  • Data Structures

    Fall 2010

    Mondays 10am-noon

    Mondays 7pm-9pm