Donkey Kong Climbs E2
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3x3" Post-It® Notes on glass
4 floors x 2 windows
E2 Building UCSC
Original Design: Shigeru Miyamoto
Composition: Ian Rickard
Assembly: Alana, Jo, Harvey, Georgina, Steve, Corrie, Vint, Nathan, Jeffrey ...

About the piece

Donkey Kong (Miyamoto, et. al.,1981) was the first appearance of the Itallian plumber we now know as Mario. While this game's early '80s arcade popularity predates most of today's engineering students, it represents the amazing results that a small development team can produce. Today Donkey Kong is ranked as the 3rd most popular arcade game of all time, selling over 65,000 units.

Currently this work is visible at the E2 building at UCSC, it is scheduled to be removed on or before May 1.

Total Number of Post-It® Notes

about 6400

Total People

about 10

Total Time

5 hours

Time-Lapse Movie:

To get enough of the colors needed, we had to buy about 14,000 post-it notes. This is what 14,000 post-it notes look like:

Assembly: (all night shots are © Jo Chou)

More assembly pictures.
Some daytime shots

Contact: inioinio☺

Thanks to

Inspiration: Post-it® note Trogdor, Pengo's Pixel Art
Sprites: Zeon of Spriters Resource
Access: Prof. Jim Whitehead, UCSC School of Engineering & UCSC Economics department
Hosting: UCSC SoE, UCO/Lick, Johns Hopkins ACM, UCSC Student Media, Eric Perlman,