Kernel Regression-Based Image Processing ToolBox for MATLAB


Kernel Regression-Based Image Processing ToolBox is a command-line based software package for MATLAB, which was developed at MDSP research laboratory in UCSC. The package is capable of performing several general image processing tasks; for instance,

  1. Image denoising
    • Gaussian noise removal
    • Compression artifact reduction
    • Film grain reduction
    • Salt & pepper noise reduction
  2. Image reconstruction (interpolation + denoising)
    • Image upscale (reconstruction an image from regularly sampled data set)
    • Image reconstruction from an irregularly sampled data set
    • Image fusion
    • Super-resolution

We are demonstrating examples in here.



Relevant publications

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The latest version of the software package (ver. 1.2 beta) can be downloaded from here.

This is experimental software. It is provided for noncommercial research purposes only. Use at your own risk. No warranty is implied by this distribution. Copyright © 2007 by University of California.



User's manual

The manual is also downloadable as either PPT or PDF.




This work was supported in part by the US Air Force Grant F49620-03-1-0387.

last update on January 21st, 2011