Heidi Miller's Home Page - Media

***UPDATE: I came up with this idea in Spring of '98: MPMan Cassette
...and now I have to make my $4.3 million on one of my other products ideas.
My latest addition is a Polaroid Digital Camera...
I haven't used it much but it's just another tool to have fun with!
Currently, my 32MB Tokyo-pink Saehan MPMan is my favorite toy.
It contains various songs that my research assistant has found for my uses, and also songs that I transfered using MusicMatch Jukebox 4.0, which I highly recommend. To find your favorite MP3 songs to buy: MP3 Search Engines, or download them for free from Lycos Search Engine.
My QuickCam is also great fun! I plan to set up a HeidiCam site, but until then I will just make silly movies to send to friends. Here's my friend Sabrina, or if you just want to watch anything in paticular, just visit Cammunity .
I have a collection of vintage computers that started from family hand-me-downs:
IBM286 & Commodore 128
Need parts? Parts for all...

E-mail: hmiller@alumni.cse.ucsc.edu