Tim Garlick
8238 W Manchester Ave #402
Playa del Rey, CA 90293

I am looking for technical training and technical writing/course development contract opportunities. In addition, I am available for consulting engagements to assist in the design and implementation of virtualized data centers as well as Solaris Trusted Extensions architecture design and deployments.

Highlights of Qualifications
  • Over twenty-five years of professional experience in the computing, security and networking fields
  • Management and business skills and experience
  • Twenty-eight years of computer-related experience

  • Systems:
Solaris, Trusted Extensions, Trusted Solaris 8, VMware vSphere 4, Linux, Irix, Mac OS X, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Windows and NT, Cisco IOS
  • Hardware:
Sun, SGI, VMware, SPARC and x86/x64, Macintosh, Cisco routers and terminal servers, various fiber and Ethernet concentrators, bridges, switches, CSU/DSU's, etc.
  • Enterprise Applications:
Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Sun Ray Software, Sun Secure Global Desktop, VMware virtualization, Identity Management (IDM), Access Management/Single Sign-On systems
  • Network-Related Technologies::
OC-48, DS-3, T1, Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN, FDDI, 10/100baseT, TCP/IP, PPP, DNS, SNMP, SMTP, HTTP, NFS, NIS/YP, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, RIP, VPN's, SOCKS, IPsec, and most other Internet protocols.
  • Languages/Software:
HTML, C, Pascal, csh, sh, Perl, awk, sed, Microsoft Word, Excel, Project, Access, Kerberos, Open Office

Professional Experience
T-Speed Technology LLC
Los Angeles, CA
Founder March, 2009 - Present
Develop and deliver technical training materials for the IT industry. Perform system architecture and design consulting services, specializing in the areas of virtualization, system and network security and labeled (trusted) systems.
Inkling Research
Los Angeles, CA
Technical Instructor, Course Developer August, 2003 - March, 2009
Provide contract technical training services to Sun Microsystems' Learning Services (SLS) department. Certified by Sun to teach advanced Solaris security, network security, Solaris system administration, network principles and concepts, Solaris Trusted Extensions and Trusted Solaris OS, Sun Identity Manager (IDM), Sun Ray Software, Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and other custom courses to Sun customers and employees. Design, develop and write course materials and laboratory exercises for new and existing classes.
Hybridmedia, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA
Technical Instructor, Course Developer May, 2000 - August, 2003
Same description as Inkling Research.
Consumer Survey Center
El Granada, CA
Director of Information Technology June, 1999 - Present
Manage the technical aspects of the company's computer-based research, including data collection and disposition tracking of web-based surveys as well as the company's website.
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Mountain View, CA
Network Architect/Program Manager 1996-1999
Program manager for various corporate-wide network services initiatives such as a global token-based authentication architecture, worldwide remote access solutions, corporate network security, partner connectivity, and Internet access. Enterprise I/S Architect responsible for the strategic design, configuration and installation of a Cisco-based wide-area network encompassing over 250 sites worldwide utilizing Frame Relay, ATM and private-line circuits over T-3, T1 and Fractional T1, ISDN and ADN (56Kbps) connections. Evaluated and advised on strategic directions for the corporate network including voice/data intergration, and network services. Also participated in designing and managing multiple external Internet connectivity. Projects included developing a new OSPF WAN architecture, a new Internet connectivity solution, Internet "Webcasts," Internet Service Provider competitive vendor evaluations, OSPF conversion and IP renumbering projects.
Scruz-Net, Inc.
Santa Cruz, CA
Founder/Vice President 1993-1996
Co-founded and managed one of the first Internet Service Providers in California, turning the business into a multi-million dollar mid-sized regional provider. Services included both full and part-time customers accessing the Internet via dial-up modems, ISDN, FRS, ADN, and T1. Shared responsibility for designing, implementing and managing a multi-site WAN with 24/7 uptime objectives. Responsible for telecommunications, routing design, cash-flow management, sales, vendor contracts, hardware purchasing decisions, network administration, UNIX systems administration, employee management and all of the many other things required of the owner of a small business in California.
San Jose State University
San Jose, CA
Network Manager 1993-1994
Designed, configured, installed and maintained all components of the campus network including network routers, terminal servers, ATM bridges, modem pools and network data servers. Configured and maintained network monitoring packages used to monitor network performance, availability and reliability. Responsible for systems and network security. Configured and maintained numerous Unix-based network servers (primarily Sun and SGI) which performed various functions including: faculty, staff and student time-sharing, client/server databases, electronic mail, network file servers, name servers, student information servers, and others. Monitored and maintained SJSU's LAN, WAN, and Internet connectivity. Trained legacy systems staff on Unix and networking concepts, design, implementation and management.
San Jose State University
San Jose, CA
Consultant 1992-1993
Configured and installed the university's first student Sun Unix systems servers and workstations. Advised on network hardware procurement, configuration and implementation. Trained systems staff on Unix/networking concepts, design and management.
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA
Technician/Network Analyst/Systems Programmer 1983-1993
Performed a wide variety of tasks which evolved over time. Installed and maintained network hardware and software. Installed and maintained Unix-based systems, including modifying third-party systems to meet UCSC's requirements. Performed systems programming functions. Designed numerous relational databases for systems support (e.g., a cable plant management database). Managed campus-wide computer accounts data bases. Wrote system accounting software. Installed and maintained data communications hardware.

Bachelors of Arts - Computer Information Science, University of California, Santa Cruz

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