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Last updated 08/30/2005

Shaomin Ding

  Graduate Student
  Department of Computer Engineering
  University of California Santa Cruz
  1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064-1077
  E-mail: ding at soe dot ucsc dot edu


Once Yun Yen asked Pai Chang, "Every day there's hard work to do. Who do you do it for?" Pai Chang said, "There is someone who requires it." Yun Yen said, "Why not have him do it himself?" Pai Chang said, "He has no tools."


Pai Chang was always very insistent on working every day. When he was old he persisted in this, and the monks felt sorry for him so they hid his tools. He said, "I have no virtue. Why should others work for me?" And he refused to eat. He said, "A day of no work is a day of no eating." This saying became very famous in Zen circles, and to this day the Zen schools are noted for their practice of work.


This guy is simple. Life for him, is just to live, and to work.


He is a third year graduate student on his PhD program in Department of Computer Engineering, University of California Santa Cruz. His advisor is Professor Patrick Mantey. Just after a project on high-speed, ultra-low power and multiple-instrument data acquisition system, he is currently on project BiOSA (Biophysical Oceanographic Sensor Array) in MBARI, which is a general, low power, compact miniature platform capable of carrying a number of plug-and-play sensors in standardized sensor sockets to measure photosynthetic/bacterial activity, oxygen concentration, dissolved carbon dioxide, and pH. . After that he will work on clock synchronization for distributed control and data acquisition system as his dissertation.

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