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Why am I here:

Because I GRADUATED.....

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Electric Car Stuff... And by the way... I drove mine arround the block... it's getting there slowly but it's getting there...

--- Now I've got a picture of me somewhere... I'll have to find it and put it up here.
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Looking for a house in Santa Cruz... Look at my real estate links.
I'm now an Isuzu Trooper driver. And I really like the truck. Here's something that would be fun to have though.

1965 Chevy Pickup Page

Hey we got a dog "Gracie". And it's pretty high-tech. It's got a chip that must be high performance because it hasn't slowed her down. It's AVID*047*288*291 or is it 047288291. I don't know if those stars are really necessary.
Surprise Surprise We've got another dog "Baxter"... and another AVID chip! This one is: AVID*085*266*540
AVID 047 288 291
AVID 085 266 540
AVID 047*288*291
AVID 085*266*540
Just trying to make sure those numbers are easily searchable! :-)