KISS Web Server (Keep it short and simple)

Here's my fully functional HTTPD 0.9 compliant web server:

Screen shot of httpd status window


  • Download (only 61k bytes).
  • Unzip with PKZIP or WinZip.
  • Run HTTPD16.EXE if you have Windows 3.1, 3.11, or Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.
  • Run HTTPD32.EXE if you have Win32s for Windows 3.1x, or Windows 95, or Windows NT.
  • Put your .html or whatever files you want to "publish" in C:\WWW.
  • That's it! To try it out on your own system, browse to the netsite
  • When you're connected to the Internet or Intranet, others can see all your files in C:\WWW via their web browser using http://your ip address/ or http://system name/

    Note that directories are always displayed by default. If you want people to link to C:\WWW\index.html, they must specify http:\\your ip address or system name\index.html or supply a command line argument to specify a default page.

    C> HTTPD32 80 300 C:\www index.html

  • HTTPD32 is the 32-bit version of KISS Web Server
  • 80 is the Web standard HTTPD socket number
  • 300 is the number of seconds to timeout on idle connections
  • index.html is the default page to show users
  • Home