Here's a uuencoded, compressed tar file: btree-mem.tar.Z

use WinZip to extract
(make sure name ends in ".tar.Z" -- use save as or rename if necessary)

uncompress btree-mem.tar.Z
tar xvf btree-mem.tar

Then there are two directories
btree-mem-C for the C++ code
btree-mem-long for the C code that just does longs

Makefiles were just changed to work on Sun w/ gcc/g++

The executables:
test_btree : shows statistics of inserting random entries with different number of max nodes in a B-Tree
demo_btree : lets you interactively modify and display a B-Tree
random : random number generator that created

Let me know how it works for you.



p.s. Here's the README to my on-going B-Tree project.