Braden Carter - UNIX System Architect

You can view my resume, last updated 09.06.2002. resume.doc (MS Word) resume.html (HTML)

Professionally, I worked for Excite@Home (a.k.a. the @Home Network and At Home Corporation) for 5 years, before they went out of business in 2002.

I built and managed their Server Architecture team for 2 years, responsible for the Sun platforms providing services for 4 million residential cable modem subscribers and over 10,000 commercial accounts. For 3 years prior to that, I was actively contributing to the company as a Senior Systems Architect.

Personally, I gave a talk while ago with Thomas Kroeger for students of the School of Engineering at UCSC.

The informal talk was on Interviewing, Negotiating, and Selecting Employment in high-technology. Students should be sure to sign up for your free Alumni Account upon graduation.

Recruiters are welcome to email me at Please be focused and informed so we can both make the most of our time.

Spammers please note that I review and analyze email marketing, and provide feedback about the effectiveness of such campaigns. Any solicitation via email is considered to be a request for this service.

--Braden   07.17.2002