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Ashok Masilamani

Cell: 831-332-0464
CV: [Download PDF]

Hello! I am Ashok. Am currently a Graduate Student at Computer Communications Research Group (CCRG) headed by Prof. J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves at the beautiful UC Santa Cruz. My research interests include MAC and Routing protocols and architectures in wireless networks. I am also interested in learning more about Data Center/Cloud networks and infrastructure.


PhD student, Computer Engineering (in progress)
University of California, Santa Cruz (03/2010 - 2013 )
          Advisor : Prof J.J.Garcia-Luna-Aceves
          Research Interests: Wireless Networks, MAC scheduling, Content Routing

Masters in Computer Engineering,
University of California, Santa Cruz (09/2007 - 3/2010 )
          GPA : 4.0 / 4.0
          Dissertation : Disruption Tolerant Routing Protocol
          Advisor : Prof J.J.Garcia-Luna-Aceves

Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering
Anna University(College of Engineering, Guindy), India (06/2003 – 05/2007)
          GPA : 8.75 / 10
          Dissertation : Energy Efficient MAC Protocols in Sensor Networks

Technical Skills

Programming Skills                  C/C++.
Programming(familiar)              Java, Python, HTML.
Tools                                        Android SDK programming.
Networks                                  Linux Networking Kernel, TCP/IP, 802.11 wireless,
                                                 Qualnet, NS3, NetSimpy (network simulators),
                                                 Mininet / Openflow, Software Defined Networking(SDN),
                                                  CCNx, Information Centric Networking (ICNs).
Embedded Programming         Intel 8051, 8086, 8085 Microprocessor & Interface.
Platforms                                   Linux, Mac OS X, Windows.


Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Palo Alto Research Intern, Jun '11 - Sep '11

Developed a data-sharing application interface and framework for Android phones and MAC-OSX in Java using the Content Centric Networks Architecture (CCNx) protocol developed at PARC.

BBN Technologies, Boston Research Intern, Jun '08 – Sep '08

Developed a new routing mechanism for Disruption Tolerant Networks using Python in NetSimpy simulator that uses a novel Purging mechanism to release resources for efficient communication for a US DoD project.

CCRG Lab, UCSC Graduate Student Researcher, Feb '08 – Present

PhD research is on developing scheduled based MAC Protocols and Routing for Multi-Channel Multi-Radio MANETS and context aware, software defined networks.

Dept. of Computer Engineering, UCSC Teaching Assistant, Fall '07

Course: Introduction to Computer Networks
Assisted the professor in handling the course by holding lectures, discussions and laboratory sessions.

  • "Deterministic scheduling in Wireless Networks", Poster at UCSC Graduate Research Symposium, May '11.

  • "A combined framework for Routing and scheduling using labels", Poster at UCSC Graduate Research Symposium, May '10.

Current Project:

Context Aware Backbone Services (CABS) :

A DARPA project in collaboration with Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) that provides Context Aware services as SDNs (Software Defined Networks) for mobile users connected to a low bandwidth backbone. To be implemented on Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS).


Endemic Routing :

DARPA project in collaboration with BBN technologies developing a Disruption tolerant routing protocol that combines the advantages of HSLS and Epidemic Protocols and utilizes resources efficiently by novel purging mechanism Implemented in SimPy using Python.

Multihop Stargate Network : Multimedia Systems (Winter '08)

Setting up of a Multihop network of nodes using Stargate Linux boards that capture, encode, and share pictures taken at any node with all other nodes.

DPUMAC : Computer Networks (Fall '07)

Design and Implementation of Wireless Multicast Routing Protocol in Qualnet using C++ that uses Dominating Sets to reduce the Control Packet Overhead in DPUMA.

MMAC with cluster coordination: Sensor Networks (Spring '08)

A Multichannel MAC scheme that uses routing clusterheads for MAC scheduling in single radio multi channel radios implemented in Qualnet using C++.

Analysis of Power Models with SPEC Simulator : Computer Architecture (Fall '08)

The SESC simulator used to analyze different processor designs, also provides power analysis tools. The tools were comprehensively analyzed and shortcomings exposed.

- Vice President, Electronics and Communication Engineers Association.
- Best Project Awards in Technical Symposiums – Vision '05, Anna Univ TechFest '06
- State 3rd in Computer Science in Tamil Nadu, India. State 45th in Engineering.
Available on request