Allison Hume - CS

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Allison came to UCSC in 2014 as a masters student in computer science.

Her current research interests include systems aspects of scientific computing and vizualization as well as networking and information security.

Education and Experience

She received an A.B. from Princeton University in 2013, graduating with honors from the astrophysical sciences department and receiving a certificate in applications of computing.

Between completing her undergraduate degree and beginning her masters program, Allison worked for a year for Claraview, a divison of Teradata.

Her previous research includes optimizing a particle in cell plasma simulation, visualizing the same simulation, and performing large scale unsupervised clustering with a new algorithm called Dynamic Quantum Clustering.

Publications and Projects

Analyzing Big Data With Dynamic Quantum Clustering M. Weinstein, F. Meirer, A. Hume, Ph. Sciau, G. Shaked, R. Hofstetter, E. Persi, A. Mehta, D. Horn

Gravitational Lensing By a Point Mass Allison Hume, Jacek Guzik