Amir Pourshafiee

3N5S6_Hd4D-YqgmMLYWREipjhqsXzmmhvw1ELNGxkxQ=w238-h407-no I am a first year computer engineering student perusing a Ph.D degree from UC Santa Cruz. I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BS in electrical engineering and a BA in network and digital technology. I also have an AA degree in math, science, and engineering form De Anza College. My interests include applied feedback theory, and computer vision.

I was inspired to actively research in robotics field after taking a mechatronics course in UCSC. My research spans from a hybrid of low autonomy processing and mechanical systems, to bio-inspired robotics, and to high precision high autonomy medical devices in academia and industry experiences through internships.

My current projects include image processing to identify and monitor the growth rate of cells and computer vision assisted automation of a precise micro-manipulator (MP-285) to modify it to a semi-automatic injection system.

links to my CV and Resume in pdf format.

Programming: C/C++, Python, Matlab, LabVIEW, and JAVA.
computer vision (OpenCV), network programming, event driven and embedded system programming, iOS and android developing.
Signal Processing: Signal amplification, filtering, and conditioning.
Sensors: sensor interfacing (analog, digital, I2C, SPI, UART)
Hardware: linear and switching power regulation, PCB design.