Currently I am working on a Vision Based Packaging Inspection System, that uses HOG+SVM accelerated on GPU for high speed OCR.

Courses for Fall16: TIM 209 ( Statistical Learning ) and CMPE264 (Computer Vision)

Teaching Assistant for CMPS 160 - Computer Graphics

Recent Work

Industrial Chracter Recognition Verification

HOG - SVM OCR System with 100% local accuracy.

GrePlus iOS App


General Purpose Stepper Motor Controller

Precise Stepper Acceleration/Deacceleration for homing.

Bluetooth Door Lock

Hobby Project to unlock door via app.

Ultrasonic Floor Plan Constructor

Ultrasonic Sensor based World Reconstruction in 3D.

iOS and Web Development

Several Websites and Apps Designed.


Barcode Localization and Decoding using a Modified ScanLine

November 2015 (ISBN 973-93-80889-96-8)

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